WordPress SEO analysis

SSL and SEO Using SSL: Using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is essential to ensure the security of data transmitted between the website and visitors. In addition to protecting users’ privacy, Google values the use of SSL and may favor websites that implement it in search results. How to Know if SSL is Active […]

SEO mobile

Whenever it comes to a website, whether in general terms or for SEO strategies, it is important to ensure that both versions of the site are ready to receive visitors. As the digital divide closes, more and more people have access to the internet and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This also applies […]

SEO content

What are Structured Data? Structured data are a way to help Google search and crawlers by giving them hints or an idea of what our website or specific page is about. Through structured data, we can specify and highlight specific elements of what our website aims to inform. How Structured Data Looks Structured data are […]

Technical SEO

Regarding the skills and techniques used in SEO, it can start from web design, optimization, and the creation of the final content. As we progress in the SEO process, it is necessary to request the help of professionals from different fields, as this is not a job for one person alone. Therefore, there are different […]

SEO Meta tags

Meta Tags When working with SEO, there are several points you must cover and ensure they are not affecting your website. As the main task of preparing your site for search engines, you should focus on “meta tags.” There is a wide variety of these, but initially, the most important ones for you should be: […]

Site validator

For SEO, an important key is to make your website visible and be able to slip into the search results. This way, you are ensuring that your website appears in search results, assuming that you already have your site ready to launch, with your SEO strategies applied and ready to analyze traffic and continuously adjust […]