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Osdeibi Acurero - Fullstack Dev - SEO
Osdeibi Acurero - Fullstack Dev - SEO


Download the final report of data of interest from your website; you will be able to see Technical SEO statistics with just one click.

Share the results with your clients or save it to keep a record of the changes and improvements you implement.

Optimize your site for search engines and improve the user experience.

Osdeibi Acurero - Fullstack Dev - SEO

Site Validator: Check if your site is integrated with Google Search Console, Bing, or Yandex Webmaster Tools.

  • Meta Tags: Verify if your site is blocked for search engine crawlers, check if you have SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, and view the assigned keywords.

  • Analytics Verification: Confirm if your site has Google Analytics 4 installed.

  • Technical SEO: Analyze your JS and CSS for minification, verify Gzip compression, check iframes, determine if your site is configured with Cloudflare, and get information on whether you are using next-generation image formats like WebP.

  • Content Analysis: Verify structured data, Hreflang, H1 headers, and canonical tags.

  • Mobile Analysis: Evaluate the viewport settings and AMP pages for mobile optimization.

  • WordPress Analysis: Check the status of your WordPress installation, confirm the SSL certificate, determine the WordPress version, view the total installation size, check your SEO-friendly active theme, verify a list of inactive plugins, and analyze your permalink structure.

She is Bucky and she inspired this plugin.

Osdeibi Acurero - Fullstack Dev - SEO

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